H.H. Jayapataka Swami Update ( Pictures of Maharaja added)

Update from Ratnavali dd

Here is the link for the videos when Guru Maharaja gave lecture to the hospital doctors. Tirthatma Nitai Prabhu has kindly edited and posted it online. Special thanks to Ekanath Gaura Prabhu for sending the files to Tirthatma Nitai Prabhu.

Kirtan / Class

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HH Jayapataka Swami Maharaj Yesterday gave 1st temple Lecture

Message from HG Jagannath Dasa, ISKCON Mira Road, Mumbai

We at ISKCON Mira Road, Mumbai were fortunate where HH Jayapataka Swami Maharaj yesterday gave the 1st Lecture after Recovery.

Yesterday at 1:30pm His Holiness came from Bhaktivendata Hospital for spreading the mission of Srila Prabhupada and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. HH then offered Obsiences to Their Lordship Sri Sri Radha Giridhariji and Lord Jagannath Balaram and Subhdraji and then offered flower garland to Srila Prabhupada.

Maharaja started with Manglacharan and then Prabhupada Prayers and apologised that he does not know hindi properly but then too he can speak little bit hindi and can understand hindi. He started giving lecture in English and our Temple president Kamalocana Prabhu did translation in Hindi.

Maharaja started sharing his previous experience with all the assembled devotees of Radha Giridhari Temple that earlier, when he joined temple 1st in 1968 he used to chant loudly and devotees used to complain to Srila Prabhupada. He was sent out in garden to chant all alone, but Srila Prabhupada was pleased.

Further HH added that earlier there was a TV serial named as Kaun Banega Crorpati, that is about material money, but if all devotees who are chanting 16 rounds everyday for a year he will be crorpati for holy name in a year, so one who chants 8 round he can be the owner of 50lakhs holy name and who chants 4 rounds can be the owner of 25lakhs and if you don’t do any chanting there will be nothing. So Maharaja explained that the importance of Chanting. He thanked HH Gopal Krishna Swami Maharaj and HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj for taking crucial decisions in his absence and HH says that he remember his days when they joined the ISKCON and used to serve HDG Srila Prabhupada.

Further HH asked who all understand Bengali and HH said that Bengali’s are having the highest mercy of Lord Chaitanya and Srila Prabhupada and he says Harer Nama Harer Nam Harer Nama Eva Kevalam Kalua Nastyeva Nastyeva Nastyeva Gatir Anyatha and HH says that we have to take birth again to gain the mercy of Lord Chaitanya MahaPrabhu and their associates and everyone must chant the holy name to go Back To Godhead and HH added that anyone can get His darshan between 6-7pm at Bhaktivendanta Hospital.

Please have a view to take the darshan of HH Jayapataka Swami Pictures by clicking the link.

Report from Mahabahu Govinda dasa

Before I write my report I’ll make a brief summary of the BVA (Brain Vascular Accident) (Stroke): There are 2 types of stroke.

  1. Isquemic

    Blood clot that obstructs a brain artery causing the deactivation of several neuronal areas.

  2. Haemorrhaghic

    It’s the “breakage” of an artery causing blood shedding in the regions in which it doesn’t correspond.

From these two types, the one that generates a high mortality before the first 30 days is the haemorrhagic. The places of injury can vary; but the most dangerous is the one at the brain trunk, being this the place where the cranial pairs arrive, and it is also the center of various important functions; amongst them, the deglution (swallowing) and respiration.

A fonoaudiologic evaluation was executed; in respect of his musculature, it was found the following:

Left Hemiface: A decrease in its tonicity; lip got down; left eye with short mobility.

Right Hemiface: Muscular insufficiency on cheeks, slight movement on his left eye. Incapability to enact facial expression movements, such as: smile and expressions of sadness. This is produced by the limitation in orbicular muscles, risorio muscle, amongst others having alterations.

This makes the face to appear stiff and having a little facial expression.

In addition, the speech sounds not very clear at times (dysarthric), product of the muscular alterations.

It has been decided to begin the treatment with three sessions a day, half an hour each.

Presently, 10 sessions has been already performed. There are improvements in his facial symmetry, eyes closing, right eyebrow movements, right cheek functionality and slight improvement in lip seal.

The sessions will continue in this frequency. Advancement has been noticed, but it’s necessary to continue. Positives factors are that he is young and that the BVA type is starting to respond to the stimulation.

Guru Maharaja is now in a rehabilitation stage; from now on only achievements should come.

Therefore, patiently one has to wait for the improvements step by step. It’s understood that all the improvements are the result of a team work of devotees, doctors, diversity of therapies and prayers.

Everybody united towards the same cause to which everyone had contributed.

Keep praying.

Hare Krishna

Mahabahu Govinda dasa

9 Jan, 2009. Report from Ratanvali dd

Guru Maharaja was invited today for the Bhaktivedanta hospital doctors’ gathering which takes place once in 3 months. After the facial theraphy in the evening Guru Maharaja was taken to the auditorium at 8pm. There were about 100 devotees present in the hall; 50 doctors, their family members, children and other devotees. Guru Maharaja was offered maha garland and as well as Bhakti Purushottam Maharaja.

Dr.Sita who is a dentist led Hare Krsna Kirtan very beautifully. Later all the doctors names were called out and were introduced to Guru Maharaja. There were doctors from all kinds of fields like dentist, opthalmologist, anesthetic, surgeons, ayurvedic, ENT, spiritual care section etc.

Then Guru Maharaja was asked to speak few words. Guru Maharaja spoke and Dr Shiromani Mataji had to repeat as sometimes not everything could be understood clearly. I wrote down the notes and I am enclosing it below:

“I heard about this meeting couple of hours ago and I didn’t have enough time to prepare. In Caitanya Lila, one of the associates name is Murari Gupta. He is not different from Hanuman. A physician by profession and he cured people both materially and spiritually. One time Caitanya had indigestion. He gave one glass of water from water pot and he cured him. Such a good physician. No medicine, water was enough! This is a great program combining spiritual care along with the material care. I came for annual program 9 years ago. That time I heard one patient saying how he was benifitted by being in the hospital but for the first time I get to see what is going on while I am convalescing here. This hospital gives the sadhus an alternative for a Krsna conscious environment and get whatever treatment one might need. Everyone as a grihasta gets to do some work, an opportunity to do your profession and at the same time to do devotional service with devotees.

Personally I am very indebted to Radhanath Swami and Radha Gopinath devotees who prayed for me. Now I hear from all neurologists that no one survived the stroke I had. Only by the prayers and causeless mercy of Krsna I am alive. I am a patient of opthalmalogist, especially the left one. So they are keeping me under their care. I hope I don’t have to bother anyone else.

Some children of the doctors come to sing kirtan for me. Usually my program is very tight.

Here is Bhakti Purushottam Swami. He just came from a trip to Middle East. He is one of the GBC’s of Mayapur.

Also I thank all the doctors who come during parikrama to Mayapur and take care of the devotees all over the world. I see how they are busy here and yet they take time to come there to Mayapur.”

Bhakti Purushottam Maharaja then spoke appreciating and thanking all Bhaktivedanta hospital doctors for giving their time and nice care for our Guru Maharaja since the beginning of this episode at Hindhuja hospital.

After Maharaja spoke, Guru Maharaja wanted to sing a kirtan for the pleasure of the doctors. Everyone was so happy to hear Guru Maharaja singing. All the devotees got up and started dancing. Guru Maharaja sang little longer than at Radha Giridhari temple. The photos and video clips will be posted on web. The prabhus surrounded Guru Maharaja in the inner circle and the matajis on the outer circle dancing. It was a very blissful event.

During the week Maharaja’s schedule is very tight doing three kinds of therapies. Weekly once on Sunday is a holiday for the physiotherapists and it is a break day for Maharaja. As today is Sunday the plan was to take Maharaja to Hanuman Tekri temple and Braja Hari Prabhu also suggested Guru Maharaja to be taken to the beach which is very close by. It was scheduled to leave at 10am.

Guru Maharaja had his shower, breakfast and facial theraphy. Nimai Gaura Prabhu and his wife, the disciples of our Guru Maharaja from Juhu temple had prepared some South Indian breakfast and brought it for Guru Maharaja.

Just before the facial theraphy began, Guru Maharaja’s main doctor Shyamalal Prabhu came to see him. He was enquiring about Guru Maharaja’s sleep the previous night. Guru Maharaja said he had a dream. The dacoits were using the newly built lift in Mayapur and had come up to the rooftop. Guru Maharaja used his gun for his protection. Shyamalal Prabhu recollected Bhakti Caru Maharaja’s report wherein Bhakti Caru Maharaja had described Jayapataka Maharaja’s courageousness to fight the dacoits in Mayapur.

Guru Maharaja wanted to know what else Bhakti Caru Maharaja had written in his report. So we were narrating the various memories quoted by Maharaja. One of the incident was about the wrestling match, wherein Bhakti Caru Maharaja got defeated and Guru Maharaja rescued by defeating the tough Japanese devotee wrestlers in the sport bringing victory to Mayapur. Guru Maharaja started making the jesters with his hand like wrestling.

Again when the incident was narrated how Guru Maharaja used to save the devotees from drowning into Ganga, Guru Maharaja expressed he doesn’t know if he will be able to do all these things again. Shyamalal Prabhu immediately replied to Guru Maharaja saying that with Krsna’s mercy He would regain all His strength and vigor.

By the time everything finished it was 12:30 noon. Guru Maharaja was taken in a wheel chair and then he was to be transferred into the car. To transfer Guru Maharaja into the car from the wheel chair is a big task. It has to be carefully done. Usually there are 4 devotees to place him into the car. One to hold the legs, one to hold his body, one to see Guru Maharaja doesn’t get his head hurt and the other inside the car to make Guru Maharaja sit inside the car. Previously Guru Maharaja didn’t have absolutely any balance to stand but some improvement is found today. Guru Maharaja seemed to have little bit strength to stand with the support of the devotees. This whole scene of making Guru Maharaja to sit inside the vehicle reminds me of carrying the Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra Deities into the car for the Ratha Yatra parade and one has to carefully take the Deities step by step into the vehicle.

It is an hour drive to Hanuman Tekri. Tekri means hill. The temple is situated on a hill. Just by the foot of the hill a group of devotees from Radha Giridhari temple had come spontaneously and when they knew Guru Maharaja was on the way to Hanuman Tekri they started doing kirtan to welcome Guru Maharaja. The vehicles stopped here for few minutes and then we drove up on the hill.

As we drove up the hill the weather became cooler and nice fresh breeze was blowing. The scenary was so beautiful and pleasant to the eyes. The place has been maintained neat and clean. They have swimming pool, play ground and a school as well up on the hill. The temple was closed and would be opened only at 4 pm. There was a discussion what to be done. Finally it was decided that Guru Maharaja will be taken to the beach nearby.

The sea shore was little wet and hard. The vehicles where droven all the way nearby to the sea so Guru Maharaja could see the ocean. The ocean was shallow and therefore the color was dark unlike the blue color of the sea. It is a long beach and the vehicles were taken further down to find a good spot with less crowd.

The devotees where thinking if it is safer to bring Guru Maharaja into the wheel chair so he can have a closer view of the sea. The wheel chair was brought down. Ekanath Gaura Prabhu sat on the wheel chair and Maha Varaha Prabhu sat on Ekanath Gaura Prabhu’s lap and they were rolling down on the beach to see if it was safer for Guru Maharaja. It brought laughter to all of us. The sand on the beach is quite hard and seemed to be safe for Guru Maharaja.

While this was happening Guru Maharaja was speaking to Vaisnava Seva Prabhu, one of the senior doctors of Bhaktivedanta Hospital. Guru Maharaja asked him what was the name of the beach and he replied, “Gorai Beach”. Guru Maharaja also spoke to some devotees who had come there with him to the beach. Devaki Mataji, Prabhavishnu Maharaja’s disciple who preaches in Bangladesh, Nepal and Ukraine had come to see Guru Maharaja a couple of days ago. Guru Maharaja called her and asked her if she had been to Cox Bazaar beach. She replied that she had been there several times. Guru Maharaja seemed to like the Cox Bazaar beach better.

Madhuri Yamuna Mataji was leading Hare Krsna Maha Mantra kirtan melodiously in the background.

Guru Maharaja was brought down into the wheel chair onto the beach. As soon as Guru Maharaja was brought down it was so amazing to see how the waves of the ocean rushed down towards Guru Maharaja’s lotus feet. Maha Varaha Prabhu fed some fruits to Guru Maharaja. Group photos were taken.

Guru Maharaja spoke with Anil Prabhu, the husband of his disciple, Kavirupa Mataji. Anil Prabhu stays in Mumbai and he is an aspiring disciple of Radhanatha Maharaja and his wife stays at Mangalore. She is a Gynaecologist. She got initiated from Guru Maharaja while studying at medical college in Patna and now she is practicing at Mangalore. Guru Maharaja asked Anil Prabhu how often they meet each other and he replied once in 3 to 4 months. Guru Maharaja responded saying, “Kali Yuga”. As Guru Maharaja wanted to speak to Shiromani Mataji, I called her. Guru Maharaja mentioned about Kavirupa Mataji to her and she knew her well as they used to meet in Bangalore. Guru Maharaja asked Shiromani Mataji to give the details of ISKCON temple at Mangalore and also about the preaching programs in Manipal. It is so overwhelming to see Guru Maharaja’s concern for the devotees even to the minute details.

We asked Guru Maharaja if he was ok and if he was tired and Guru Maharaja replied he wasn’t thinking of tiredness until I reminded him about it.

We were about to leave and just then Guru Maharaja’s cook, Ivesvara Prabhu and Madhava Kanta Prabhu had brought Guru Maharaja’s lunch. The devotees informed them that Guru Maharaja will take lunch in Hanuman temple. They had got down in the wrong spot of the beach and they had to walk a long distance to find all of us.

As the waves were rising a devotee’s car got stuck into the sand and all the strong men went to help pulling the car. He was warned before not to keep so close to the waves. They were struggling a lot to relieve the car out of the sand. Maha Varaha Prabhu thought it is time to put Guru Maharaja back into the car. By the time Guru Maharaja was taken into his car, the car which was stuck also got released.

We all went to Hanuman temple. It was 4pm and the temple was open. Hanumanji is one of Guru Maharaja’s favorite personality. He always prays to him, seeking his blessings and protection. The Pujari there is a Bengali. He is from Murshidabad. He was so happy to see Guru Maharaja and they spoke with each other in Bengali. The Pujari asked Guru Maharaja to give him blessings so he can get bhakti. Guru Maharaja blessed him by saying, “Krsner matir astu”, which means, “May your mind be drawn closer to Lord Sri Krsna’s lotus feet.” Guru Maharaja always remembers to give some donation whenever he visits a temple. A Maha garland from Srimati Radharani was offered to Hanumanji. In reciprocation the pujari also gave a maha flower from Hanumanji to Guru Maharaja and also put a maha saffron tilak on his forehead. Guru Maharaja offered prayers to Hanumanji.

Tusti Mohan Prabhu was leading the kirtan this time by singing, “Jaya Ram, Sri Rama, Jaya Jaya Ram, Raghupati Raghava Rajaram Patita Pavana Sita Ram” and also Hare Krsna Maha Mantra while all of us did parikrama around the temple along with Guru Maharaja for 4 times. After the parikrama finished the pujari spontaneously gave a camara for Guru Maharaja to fan Hanumanji. Even though it was difficult for Guru Maharaja to hold and do the camara but he managed to do it. Guru Maharaja was asking what was written on the Hundi. The pujari explained it is the name of the Hanuman which is “Vidyaprada Hanuman” meaning “one who gives knowledge”. Since there is a school here on the top of the hill they have installed this particular form of Hanuman.

Guru Maharaja was taken just below the temple under the shade for lunch. Nearby there is a nice garden with so many campaka, papaya and palm trees. Also some tulasi and flower plants are there. The scenery is so wonderful with so many green hills adjacent to each other.

Dharesa Prabhu, Ivesvara Prabhu, Madhava Kanta Prabhu and Srivas Nimai Prabhu were feeding prasad for Guru Maharaja. Since some of the devotees were hungry Ekanatha Gaura Prabhu jumped into the car to buy some snacks from a nearby shop. It takes a long time for Guru Maharaja to eat his prasad. Very little food is fed with spoon each time and it is not so easy for Guru Maharaja to chew and swallow the food. His face muscles are still stiff but there is improvement day by day.

Slowly the sun was setting. It was such a beautiful view to see. After Guru Maharaja took the prasadam all of us took a group photo with the sun setting behind. Guru Maharaja tried to hold his mouth to give an appearance of smiling. Since it was time to go back to the hospital a devotee said, “Let’s pack and go quickly.” Guru Maharaja responded, “Don’t forget me!” Of course no one forgot him but Guru Maharaja jokingly said it.

Bajranga Bali Hanumanji Ki Jai!